AP Capital
Founded in 2015, AP Capital is dedicated to the aim of “global vision, customer first” and devoted itself to providing “one-stop” financial services and solutions to high-end customers. It has a team of industry elites from top investment banks, hedge funds and private banks who are making collective efforts to build a world-leading all-rounded financial service platform.

Group companies of AP Capital are members and market makers of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Singapore Exchange, and CME Group. AP Capital Management (Hong Kong) Ltd, one group company of AP Capital, is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to carry out Dealing in Securities (type 1 license), Dealing in Futures Contracts(type 2 license), Advising on Securities(type 4 license), Advising on Futures Contracts(type 5 license), and Asset Management (type 9 license) regulated activities.

In its early stage, AP Capital provided professional asset management services to high-end institutional clients and high-net-worth individual clients. To cope with the growing demand for globalization and diversification asset allocation from high-net-worth individual clients, AP Capital reacted proactively and began to provide customized wealth management services. With the aid of top IT talents, AP Capital strives to develop professional brokerage business in order to deliver outstanding services to clients in an efficient manner. Following the rapid development of financial technologies, AP Capital has explored in the field of digital currency, further expanding its business scope for providing comprehensive financial services.

Keeping faiths in mind, attaching importance to human resources and valuing business integrity, AP Capital strives to provide services to clients with professionalism and prudence. In anticipation of steady development and becoming a top financial service platform across the globe, AP Capital endeavours to create a bright future for clients, whilst contributing to the society in fostering a professional and healthy financial environment.
  • Customer first

    Keep improving to build a high-quality financial service and trading platform for you
  • Forward-Looking

    Take a broad and long-term view to cooperate with you to seek mutual development
  • Market Leader

    Map out strategies to strive to become a pioneer in the financial sector
  • Win-Win

    Join hands with you to achieve mutual benefits and create a wealthy and splendid future
Platforms of the company
  • Brokerage business

    break through geographic constraints to invest in global quality assets safely and conveniently and enjoy the best trade execution services and top financial liquidity

  • Asset management

    professional teams and excellent asset allocation plans

  • Wealth management

    partner with group companies to provide insurance brokerage and wealth management services

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